In winter, you will feel very peaceful runs. But, if you are not properly dressed – it can also feel very uncomfortable about running in cold weather. The most common mistakes which people make is wearing too many clothes and not be able to do proper running. You have to avoid bulky and baggy clothes or every time you have to pay attention to adjusting and always trying to be comfortable. It will not able to focus on your running itself.

You have to wear light and well-made clothes while running in cold weather. There are so many brands which make clothes for winter running, that are very light in weight and with warm material which helps you to stay warm in winter and makes your run comfortable.

Some accessories for winter running-

  • Light gloves
  • Medium – weight base layer
  • Light-weighted wind shutters
  • Spandex tights
  • Wool running socks
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For your bottoms, thick spandex under pants or shorts will help you to get heated and this will make you sweaty and this will helps you to get warmer.

When you go for a running, socks might be the very important part. If you not wearing the socks, you will not able to do proper running. A pair of woolen socks is mendatory for running, it will be non – negotiable for freezing-weather runs. If you are in a freezing weather atmosphere, you have to invest on a pair of running shoes with cleat attatchments on it, to reduce your risk of slipping in icy or snowing conditions.

You have to wear a pair of sunglasses or ski goggles in a windy or snowy atmosphere. If you are in a high-motorized traffic areas, be sure that you have to wear bright reflective colours as well as some pedestrian lights, and you will be visible to others.


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