When you’re trying for weight loss, it’s very natural that you have to get a dive from headfirst. But hold on, If you want to burn some calories from the nutrients – what you are eating, your appetite will be the best for you.

For maximum results – you have to eat foods which, help you to break your calories and quash your hunger too. There is very superlative research in changes in hormones in terms of appetite.

Enlist Protein –

There are two types of hunger: The first one, when its hard to put down your spoon – at that time you just wanted to eat continuously. And the second one, you just rip in a packet of chips. Protein-packed foods can help you with both in weight loss.

Protein will decreases hunger and increases satisfaction by influencing several harmones positively related to appitite. Protein travels through your intestines and it will stimulates the appetite suppressing hormone by releasing cholecystokinin ( a. k. a. CCK ), which sends signals to brain about fullness. But it not only stops there. Protein also reduce the hormone named – “Ghrelin” which makes you feel hungry. If you have less amount of “Ghrelin” in you body, you’re less likely to have cravings for a snacks or overeating at your next meals.

If you want maximum impact in your body, you have to eat 25 to 30 grams of protein per meal which is equivalent to a three-ounce piece of lean meat, fish, chicken, or a peanut butter sandwich (whole wheat bread) with a glass of milk.

Tips for weight loss –

You have to be strategic with fats in weight loss –

When you were trying for weight loss, in this situation, fat will be your friend. It’s similar to protein, fat also influences hormones like, CCK which helps you to feel full. But the trouble is, some fats named saturated fats, are not great for your heart. But, there are some heart-friendly fats too named – Polyunsaturated fats. These fats found in foods like – sunflower seeds, walnuts, flaxseed, etc. maybe it’ll be more effective than unfavorable saturated fat by increasing the hormone named – Peptide YY and reducing the hunger by promoting “Ghrelin”.

Expanding Whole grain horizons (weight loss) –

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Most of us know that whole-wheat bread and pasta are packed full of fiber. But the other whole grains like – oats, rye, and barley will be even better in quashing hunger. These grains help in encouraging your stomach to produce a beneficial bacteria which produces compounds named (short-chain fatty acids) which helps your body to feel fuller faster by eating less overall. So, you have to keep whipping up whole-wheat pasta and sandwiches on whole-wheat bread. And, add these other grains too into your rotation.

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